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Here we provide all kinds of massage services including body to body massage & female to male massage. If you want to take massage in Bangalore, then call now!

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Best spa in Bangalore (Indiranagar, Koramangala & Mg Road)

Indulge yourself in our all-natural, serene scenery. Lush green gardens, fresh blooming flowers and carefully trimmed hedges, all underlying a stunning green landscape guaranteed to take your breath away. That, combined with the cheerful chirping of birds and the smell of fresh grass in the air is sure to put your mind, body, and soul at ease.

People often looking for massage in indiranagar, massage in koramangala, Hebbal, MG Road, Brigade road, Marathahalli, Electronic city & massage in mg road. We have branches in all areas around Bangalore.

An array of gorgeous angels eagerly awaits your arrival. Dying for the chance to pamper you with the most lavish and tasteful luxuries we have lined up for your choosing. We have them all. All here to grant you divine relief from all worldly tensions.

What lavish luxuries do we have in store? Conjure an image in your mind and romanticize it with your most intimate of desires: we do that and much more. From therapeutic massages such as Thai, Balinese, Swedish, tarntric, prostate, soapy to more intimate versions such as Nuru, body to body, female to male and sandwich massage. Our spas have them all. Aromatherapy, tissue massage and Ayurveda are also our specialties.

body to body massage

Body Massage in Bangalore services:

1. Thai Massage

Combining key elements of Ayurveda and Yoga, this massage consists of continuous contortions of your body by your masseur. These consist of rhythmic movements and stretches along your body’s pressure points and energy lines to facilitate tension release and good blood flow. It is designed to instill a sense of relaxation in your entire body.

It is said that these slow changes in body position will allow for your mind, body, and spirit to relax putting you in a state of meditation. The improved blood circulation of the body will enhance body healing and rejuvenate your mind as well. Experts say that this massage can even reduce the chances of diabetes, strokes and heart attacks.

2. Balinese Massage

Looking for a deep tissue massage with a teaspoon of flavor? Then this traditional massage is for you. Accompanied with the tantalizing fragrance of essential oils, this massage adds some aromatherapy to the mix. You can also expect some acupressure, tender stretching and reflexology to acquire that kick in improved blood flow and relaxation you have been deprived for so long.

This style of massage is excellent in soothing damaged tissues and relieving muscle and joint pain. The mild stretching will improve circulation, reducing stress levels and hastening recovery. This will put you in a relaxed trance we all so much adore. An addition of the sweet aroma of essential oils is just perfect to brighten up your mood so you can enjoy the sensation a lot better.

3. Swedish Massage

Want to relax your entire body? Then look no further than the Swedish massage. It is designed to improve blood flow and oxygen, which puts you in a sweet, hazy and relaxed state while endowing you with saccharine tension relief. Long, gliding strokes towards the heart accompanied by kneading, tapping, circular palm pressure and stretching will leave you pleading for more.

Studies have shown that this type of massage has proven to reduce stress hormones in the body and induce a bewildering state of unhindered relaxation. They say this massage even boosts your immune system protecting you from a nasty cold and flu attack. Coupled with one of our breathe-taking models, this is one package you just can’t overlook.

If you are one of the Massage seekers in Bangalore or Interest to take body massage in Bangalore means, visit Contact Us page and Call our customer care executives. They will help you definitely to take body massage in Bangalore.

Home Body massage in Bangalore:

Once you call our customer care executives, they tell the address and all the details. If you are struggling to find our Spa means, we arrange vehicles for you. Home based massage service also available. If you want to take a massage at your home means call us. We will send executives to your place.

Why Massage is Important?

There are millions of people died every year due to Heart attack, Blood pressure, Body pain, and tension. Body massage is the best way to relax your body and mind. By taking Body massage you should feel relaxation. The survey told Body massage helps for proper blood circulation, give refreshment, reduce tension and pressure, and increase the immune system.

Not only In India, foreign people are often taking Massage to refresh their body. In India, Main cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Kolkatta has many parlors. People also interest towards massage because of the benefits. The Study shows taking body massage twice in a week will be reduced the tiredness of our body.

Customer Friendly Service:

If you are the customer in our Spa means, we treat you like a King. When you call our executives we will tell all the details like address and service details. If you need any vehicles means we will arrange for you. Once you visit our parlor, you can choose what type of massage you want. Types of massages are followed:

Full Body massage:

This treatment covers your all parts of the body. Taking full body massage will give excellent relaxation. Female massage therapist available here to provide full body massage.

Nude massage:

You and Your partner allocated into the Private room. From there you can take a nude massage with your partner. We have many numbers of a female massage therapist. From those, you can choose your best model. Aunties, Models, Girls, Actresses also available here.

Female to Male (F2M) Body massage in Bangalore:

Female to Male Body massage is another interesting treatment. Females show the heaven to you. They rub their body with your body and provide a massage service.

Body to Body massage in Bangalore:

Female massage therapist Rubs their body with your Body. This is also called as B2B massage. Many persons in Bangalore, wanted to take this type of massage. Two body friction makes a special feel for both of you. Once you take Body to Body massage in our Spa, you should visit again and again for this. That is the specialty of this Massage. Body to body massage is one of the best massage service in our Spa.

Here are some health benefits of body to body massage:

1. Quality rest during sleep

2. Efficient blood flow

3. Improved immunity

4. Reduced pressure and tension

At the Alisha Body Spa, there are very qualified professional masseurs that will offer you great body to body massage.

Oil massage:

Oil massage should give ultimate relaxation for your body. Masseuses apply Oil to your all body. Oil Massage is focussed on reducing the body Pain and Muscle pain. Many persons suffered due to body Pain. If you are one among them, then take an Oil massage.

Sandwich massage:

Sandwich massage is a special type of body massage that can available in only a few of the Professional spas in Bangalore. Alisha Spa is one among that. Here we provide the professional sandwich spa treatment.

Many of our clients want to take Sandwich massage often because of the benefits and pleasure. But Still many of the people dont know about Sandwich massage. Here we explain all details about Sandwich massage and service center in Bangalore.

The name itself, anybody can easily guess how the massage will be done by the center. Sandwich spa usually has done by two girls.

Two girls will concentrate on the men body while the session. It is also called as 4 hand massage. The men sandwiched in between two massage girls is called Sandwich massage.

Because of Sandwich massage, The blood circulation will be normal, body temperate level maintained and body pain gets reduced. Most importantly the pleasure. Yes, men can be rubbed by girls boobs, ass, and knees.

It will give extreme pleasure to every man. That is what men often like this Massage. Who Dislikes? LOL 🙂

Ayurvedic Spa Services:

Ayurvedic massage is an ancient Indian massage treatment. Ancient Kerala people were excellent to do Ayurvedic massage. Ayurvedic massage is also known as Kerala massage. In this type, the pure form of oil is used to massage your body. Ancient Ayurvedic massage does not contain any chemical lotion or cream. The masseur rubs, strokes, and provide the acupuncture treatment at the time of massage.

By touching the special points at your body, you can get more relax and get rid of the body pain, pressure and tension. Ayurvedic massage also consists of meditation and Yoga. Before going to the massage session, you are allowed to take meditation and Yoga. These things are a help to achieve 100% results of an Ayurvedic massage.

Where to Get Ayurvedic massage in Bangalore?

Alisha Body Spa is one among the high rated and certified massage center in Bangalore. Here we provide professional massage services to our clients. We have branches in Indiranagar, Koramangala, JP Nagar, Hebbal, and MG Road. People often takes body massage from Alisha Body Spa because of the safety, quality, premium customer support and gorgeous massage girls. Here we provide plenty of massage services like Body to the body, female to male, oil massage, Swedish massage, Thai massage and more.

If you want to take an Affordable Ayurvedic massage with professional massage therapist means, Contact us and rejuvenates your soul and mind.

The best Thai massage parlour in India:

Thai massage is a kind of Massage doing in our spa. It does not consist any oil or lotion to massage your body. It is a complete body contact between giver and receiver. Thai massage focused to stretching, pulling, and rocking.

The ancient Thailand people invented this Massage. The Nepal, Delhi, and North Indians are specialized in this type of massage. In our Spa, we have specialized experts from north India to do these kinds of massage. We are one among the best Thai massage provider in Bangalore.

Thai massage starts with Meditation. In between there are lots of stretches are included. The stretches are similar to the Indian Yogasanas. By doing this stretches we can provide an excellent relax to our body and mind. The stretches help to increase the blood circulation and minimized the pressure level. The only professional massage therapist can provide 100% benefits to the receiver. Otherwise, you cant get the full benefits.

We are the certified massage center and parlor in Bangalore to provide all kinds of Massages like B2B, female to male, Thai massage, Swedish massage, Russian massage and much more.

So, visit our spa and get relaxed by our beautiful and professional masseur.

Contact us to get more details and take Thai spa.

Best Spa in Bangalore

Full Body massage service in Koramangala, Hebbal & Indiranagar:

The name itself, anybody can easily understand the Full body massage treatment. It is a kind of massage that focussed on your whole body. Head massage, Hand massage, Penis massage, Leg massage, and all types of massage services are included in this type of massage. You can completely rejuvenate your body with a Whole body massage.

Many of the persons dont know where to take full body massage and hesitate to ask other people. Our Spa offers a wonderful professional full body massage service with affordable price. If you are a regular visitor you should thoroughly known our high quality services, safety, privacy and premium customer support. If you are new to Bangalore or want to take full body spa at the first-time means, dont worry about that. Contact Alisha Body Spa to get full body massage with our beautiful young ladies.

We have lots of trained masseur to provide spa services. Both male and female masseur available to provide parlor services. All are trained in our professional training center. So, no worry about our services and quality. We are the high rated spa in Bangalore. If you are looking for full body massage in the areas like Koramangala, Hebbal, Indiranagar, MG road means, contact us and get ultimate pleasure from our massage girls.

Good SPA Services for Men & women

Popular Therapies with affordable price

Being an important IT hub of the country, Bangalore hosts a number of business centres and corporate offices. This has resulted in increased influx of people coming from different parts of the country to this busy city in last few years. Many working professionals report suffering from too much stress due to high work pressure, attempts to balance family life, and travel conditions in Bangalore. Although stress appears to be a mental phenomenon initially, it needs immediate attention as it can lead to several ill effects on physical health.

Here we provide affordable body massage service for both men & women

Balinese Massage

A soothing technique that incorporates gliding, kneading and compression stokes to relax tense muscles. It improves blood flow and Promotes blood circulation. This massage is specifically designed to help aid tissue recovery after physical exertion. Additionally, the unique combination of aromatics is traditionally used to decrease pain in muscles and joints.

Rs. 2,500/-

Aroma Massage

A gentle massage without a lot of pressure using aromatic essential oils. This massage is recommended for relaxation and relieves mental stress.

Rs. 2,500/-

Deep Tissue Massage

Powerful, deep and strongly rhythmic movements make this customized massage pure therapy for body and soul. Created to alleviate stress deep down and release the discomfort of aching muscles (whether through fatigue or stress) and 100% natural, essential oil balms actively work with your body to release localized areas of intense tension. Leaves your mind feeling less cluttered and muscles intensely relaxed.

Rs. 2,500/-

Head & Shoulder Massage

An instant stress buster, Head & shoulder Massage concentrates on the scalp, neck, shoulders and upper back. Ideal for those prone to Headaches, Promotes a feeling of relaxation & well-being. Using this traditional massage, circulation is greatly improved and head tension is relieved. Many IT professionals visit our spa for Head & Shoulder massage. This massage offers deep relaxation while still getting a true muscular treatment.

Rs. 2,500/-

Full Body Massage

Alisha Body spa provide body massage services in Bangalore for both female and male. We are specialised in giving services in the area of massage for health, wellness, anti-aging and relaxation. We offer a variety of different services as we feel here at our massage center, that there is no one treatment that is better than the other, it is all about what you want or need.

Rs. 2,500/-

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage helps to improve blood circulation, which is necessary for flushing out toxins that exist throughout the body. Toxins can cause problems such as swelling and muscle soreness. This is the ideal massage for people involved in sports and fitness activities. Swedish massages assist in this process by improving muscle tone and helping to prevent fatigue and muscular tear that could result in injury.

Rs. 3,000/-

Thai Dry Massage

Thai massage has its roots in a spiritual tradition, and its purpose is to heal a person physically, emotionally and spiritually. It uses passive stretching and gentle pressure along the body’s energy lines to increase flexibility, relieve muscle and joint tension and balance the body’s energy systems. Thai massage is both deeply relaxing and energizing.

Rs. 3,000/-

Full Body Nude Massage

AlishaBodySpa sexual stimulation, often in order to reach orgasm. The prostate is sometimes referred to as the “male G-spot”. Some men can achieve orgasm solely through stimulation of the prostate gland, such as prostate massage or receptive anal intercourse, and men who report the sensation of prostate stimulation often give descriptions similar to females’ accounts of G-spot stimulation.

Rs. 3,000/-

Female to male body massage

Massage Girls in our center are very friendly and they use different massage techniques to make you feel excellent. To come out from stress and strain, having sexual massage service is one of the best idea. Massage services taking from our pretty girls will help you to forget all your problems and tensions. This is the wonderful place where you will get fantastic massage and our girls will fulfill your needs and desires. Here you will get more than your expectations.

Rs. 3,000/-

Contact Number: 9964443711

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