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Body massage in Bangalore:

Being one of the best Spa in Bangalore, here we provide body massage treatments. Here we provide a variety of body massage services. Apart from body massages service, we also provide sexual treatments to our customers. Here you are going to know about all details about Best body massage in Bangalore (Alisha Body Spa).

Body massage in Bangalore

About Alisha Body Spa:

We are a traditional Body massage center in Bangalore. A huge number of people taking Body massage in our Spa every day. Being one of the best body massages, here we assure your 100% Safety and Privacy. Customers often visit our Spa and take body massage service. We are proving this service more than 10 Years in Bangalore. So, most probably there are many persons should know our service. We have branches in Indiranagar, JP Nagar, Hebbal, Frazer town, Koramangala and Sivaji Nagar areas.

Spa in Bangalore:

Body massage in Bangalore surrounded with full of trees. Alisha Spa looks like Natural area. Natural Looks improves customer relaxation and provide peace. Nature is the thing which gives a special feel of relaxation. You should feel here that relaxation. Our massage focused on the relaxation of Mind, Body, and Soul. We are the Clean, Good Smelling and Neat Spa.

Female Massage Therapist:

Here you can know about our females massage therapist. We have plenty of girls, models, VIP models, Aunties, Housewives, North Indian girls and Foreign girls. All girls are trained by our academy and very expert to do massage. You can choose whoever you want. We assure here our Girls should be 100% clean, Beautiful, Good smelling, friendly in nature, good body structure, good attitude and well trained. The massage girl should impress you in the session. You never take a body massage before like taking in our massage center. Girls are giving extreme pleasure, happy and relaxing during the session.


DISCOUNTS : 30% at 10:30AM – 1:30PM [MONDAY TO FRIDAY]
DISCOUNTS : 25% at 01:30PM – 7:30PM [MONDAY TO FRIDAY]
DISCOUNTS : 30% at 10:30AM – 7:30PM [SATURDAY & SUNDAY]


Our Promises:

Best massage center in Bangalore:

Here we are not used any local products to massage your body. All products are natural and world-class Products. From the music to type of oil, all are top notch products.

Body massage in Bangalore

Customized massage services:

Many Massage centers not provide customized service due to demand of Body massage. But, Body massage in Bangalore (Alisha Spa), provide customized service which means customers can choose one particular type of massage.

Trained Professional Girls:

Our Massage girls are highly trained and well educated. All the girls come here with high background family and well knowledge. You should get 100% satisfaction from our center.


Full Body massage:

This type of service deals with your all parts. From head to foot, we cover all the parts. Massage girl massages your body with her hands, Boobs and Body. This should give a special feel and relaxation. By Massaging your head, Skin, Shoulder, Hands, Chest, Belly, Penis, Legs, and foot will give excellent relaxation. Our massage girls are friendly in nature and should be clean. You can ask her blowjob, Oral job, and Handjob during full body massage session.

Female to Male body massage (F2M):

Female to Male body massage is all about you and you massage therapist. Your girls will give Massage with her Body. She pressed your body with her boobs. This reduced your body pain and give ultimate relax. Girl body is so soft and skinny. She massages your body with her body. At that time, you should feel heaven.

Body to Body massage (B2B):

You can choose male or Female to massage your Body. This massage is like F2M massage. Body to Body massage is the best way to relax our Body.

Balinese Massage:

This is an ancient massage which is very famous in Indonesia. Balinese Massage deals with skin rolling and flicking. Many of the India, China, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Dubai and Malaysia people are often taking this type of massage for the benefits.

Aromatherapy massage:

Aroma Therapy is one of the famous Therapy to get relaxed. Here we provide this Therapy with highly talented massage experts. By taking Aroma Therapy, you should get deep relaxation for your Body and Mind. By taking Aromatherapy your blood circulation will be normal, your skin toxin reduced, muscles joints will be strong, joint pains will be reduced and there are plenty of other benefits included this type of massage. Body massage in Bangalore proudly provides Aromatherapy massage treatment here.

Thai massage:

Thai massage is many of the Bangalore customers Favorited one. Thai massage is like a traditional ancient massage. Thailand and India are the famous countries for Thai massage. This Massage focused on not rubbing your body or friction. This is fully based on stroking, pushing, pulling your body. If you want to get relaxation, then take Thai massage. We recommended this Massage for Body painers.

Swedish Massage:

Swedish massage gives an excellent feel for the whole month once you take. Additional Swedish massage techniques include circular pressure applied by the hands, firm kneading, percussion-like tapping, bending and stretching.

Sandwich Massage:

This body massage contains two girls. You can choose two girls in our Spa. Two girls are concentrating your front and back of your body. This is a special type of massage performed by two beautiful girls. If you want to have massage and sex with two girls in bangalore means contact us.

Other treatments:

  • Oil massage
  • Hot Stone massage
  • Inclusion of all massage (If you need):
  • Handjob
  • Blowjob
  • Oral Job
  • Free sex

Contact Us:

I hope everybody understands clearly about our massage services. If you have any doubts or willing to take body massage in Bangalore means contact us.

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