Affordable (Cheap & Best) massage center in Bangalore & Benefits

Here you can get our body massage center price list. All are the accurate price and no extra charge.

Here are the price list of our body massage center.

Price List:

  • Normal Body massage service 2500 Rs/- (You can take any type of massage)
  • Body massage: 3000 Rs- (You can take any of the massage here)
  • Sandwich massage : 6000 Rs/- (You can take any type of massage)
  • Couple massage: 15000 Rs/-


  • Ayurvedic massage
  • Thai massage
  • Swedish massage
  • Russian massage
  • Kerala massage
  • Aromatherapy
  • Body to body massage
  • Female to male massage
  • Nuru massage
  • Oil massage
  • Stone massage
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  • Sensual massage in bangalore

Benefits Of Massage Therapy – Bangalore Massage Service:

Benefits of massage therapy

benefits of massage
benefits of massage
  • It eases muscle tension and pain

Pains experienced in the muscles are a common body pain with a myriad of causes. Hugely described as sore muscles, they can impair or affect your daily functioning. That said, good massage therapy techniques are a perfect way of releasing the stretching, trigger points of the muscles and breaks down the adhesions. Read more on Bang Body Spa.

During the therapy, the expert focuses on the specific area injured, stiff or experiences sore pain. This results in increased blood flow thus releasing the tension. By increasing the muscle blood circulation, massage not only relieves the pain and tension but also aids in the elimination of toxins as well as providing sufficient oxygen and nutrients to the cells.

  • Increases joint mobility

Massage therapy releases tension around the joints thereby increasing the range of movement. This alleviates the joints from stiffness thus increasing muscle function besides improving joint movement.

  • Improved posture

As mentioned before, massage therapy releases tensions in many focal areas of the body. That said, postural stress is one on the issues affecting many people, especially desk workers. The stress shows up as pain or forms of weakness in the lower back and gluteals. They are primarily caused by long periods of sitting. Fortunately, massage can counteract these imbalances.

  • It soothes anxiety and depression

Angel Body SPA said Anxiety and depression are common currently due to daily tasks people encounter. However, human touch, in this context being professional, works incredibly in a therapeutic and relaxing mode. For instance, a case study conducted concluded that women suffering from breast cancer receiving massage therapy thrice a week reported fewer instances of stress, depressed and angry.

  • It improves sleep

Twinkle Spa said Attending massage sessions promotes relaxation and sleep. Insomnia related to various factors can be resolved by expert massage therapy. This is attributed to various endorphins and sleep hormones released during the massage session. Also, for infants, massage has been found to induce more sleeping and less crying.

Full Body massage for complete relaxation: