Happy Ending massage in Bangalore by female to male


Happy Ending is the most common technique using in all spa and massage centers. After finished the massage session the female therapist give hand-job and blowjob to the customer (mostly men) and ejaculate cum. This is the technique is called happy ending massage.

Most of the male client came to massage center only for taking happy ending massage. Because this massage has lots of health benefits.

happy ending

Massage girls rub your penis with their hand or boobs to ejaculate cum. If they used boobs to massage your penis then it is called booby massage or topless massage. There are only small differences are these kinds of massage. For 3000 Rs you can take all types of massage service in our parlour.

Most common benefits of Happy ending massage:

Emotional Healing:

This massage is the best way to heal your psycho problems. If you are lower in self esteem, lower in self confident and higher in depression means it heals all the problem. Because once you ejaculate the whole body will feel pleasure and you feel fresh and confident.


Is happy ending massage give relaxation? Why not. People often take all kinds of massage only for relaxation. Because massage gives extreme relaxation to your body and mind. It also relieves stress and tension from your body.

Good for Relationship:

Happy ending massage is really good thing for relationship. If you are a person being in relationship with your partner means take this massage. Because it helps to realize your partner feeling and emotions. Most of the couple using this massage for relationship maintenance.

Develop Physical function:

Yes this is scientifically proven. Because many of the people often take massage for increase their body function. By giving pressure this massage maintain your body temperate, it increase the blood flow, it increases the immune and reduces stress and tension related problems.

Better health:

If you want to live healthier and longer life take happy ending massage. Sex is the most common way to be healthy life. But if you don’t have chance to sex visit Alisha body spa for taking happy ending massage which will fulfill your sexual needs.

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