Body Massage In Whitefield (Bangalore)


After going through the hassle and bustle of the entire week, the next thing you would want to visit your favorite spa in town to enjoy a body massage. If you’re based in Whitefield, Bangalore, there are plenty of massage spa centers and parlors that can offer you excellent massage services. Whether you want full body massage, back massage, erotic massage or any other type of massage, Whitefield has experienced therapists who can make you enjoy deep relaxation.

Types of Massage Services in Whitefield

Whitefield spa centers offer a number of massage therapies aimed at offering clients different kinds of relaxation. From pain and anxiety relief to anti-fatigue, immune boosting and better sleep, there are plenty of massages that can be good for your body. The therapists usually use different types of oils and techniques to give clients the desired satisfaction.

For pain relief massage packages, clients can enjoy green tea scrub massage, rejuvenating Swedish massage, comforting back massage and deep relaxation massage. And if you would want to get rid of fatigue, you can ask for energizing aromatherapy massage, revitalizing Thai massage, foot reflexology and more.

Other forms of therapy you can enjoy at Whitefield spas include:

-Head-neck-shoulder massage

-Therapeutic massage

-Nuru erotic massage

-Female to male massage

-Sensual massage

-Sleep enhancing massage

-Anti-oxidant massage

-Happy ending massage

Oils Used By Whitefield Massage Therapists

Massages usually combine certain massage oils and techniques to deliver the desired body rejuvenation or relaxation. For instance, most therapists use sesame oil and wintergreen oils for rejuvenating Swedish massage and comforting back massage. Green tea and spice are used for scrubssage, a massage technique for relaxing the body and relieving it of pain.

Aromatherapy massage mostly employs Lavender oil while the head-neck-shoulder massage involves the use of Bala oil. Grapefruit oil is used for energizing aromatherapy, Jupiter berry cream for anti-oxidant massage and jojoba oil for radiance enhancing aromatherapy massage. There are plenty of other massage oils used by Whitefield therapists to enhance relaxation, pain relief and immune boosting. It’s important to always know which oil is used on you so that you can be assured of maximum results on the massage you pay for.

How Long Does A Typical Massage Therapy Session Last?

The duration you’ll stay at a spa in Whitefield to receive massage will largely depend on the type of massage you go for and the amount of money you pay for the given package. However, the least amount of time you can spend at a spa for massage is 30 minutes. Body to body, female to male massages and nude massages can take 1 hour and 45 minutes depending on the package you’ve selected. If you would want to enjoy the good massage feeling till you hit orgasm, then a 120 minutes sensual massage can do you great.

Cost of Massage Sessions

In most cases, the cost of massage is dictated by the type of massage and time designated to each session. Pain relief, anti-fatigue, immune boosting, age reversal and couple’s massages are all priced differently. It also follows that, the more time you spend on a spa getting a massage, the more you’re likely to pay.

It is always important to carry out an extensive comparison among the available spas to choose one with great massage packages and prices. Doing so will help you get an excellent relaxing or energizing massage while saving more on your money.