Body Massage In Brigade Road (Bangalore)


Are you yearning for the ultimate massage experience in Brigade Road, Bangalore? Do you desire to let-out the stress of life in a calming and relaxing way, or would you love to experience mind-blowing eroticism or sensation. Well, you have come to the perfect place. We understand that you like so many other people would love to have your body massaged in the best way possible. However, you may be a bit confused on where to find the right service or you have never had a massage. Fortunately, you can count on us to the deliver the best experience.

What We Offer

Body massage is undoubtedly one of the best ways to relax the tense tissues and muscles, soothe fatigued joints, stimulate faster healing and recovery, or relax the body, mind and soul. In order to help you experience these, we offer a variety of services t which includes the following:

-Body to body : This form of massage entails a masseuse using her body as the main massage tool rather than hands.

-Female to male: A female masseuse will massage you (man) and in case of a woman, a man will offer the service.

-Thai: Also referred to as “Lazy yoga,” Thai massage arouses the acupressure zones with aim of loosening tight muscles, relieving joints and tissue of tension and improving the energy level.

-Swedish: The type of body massage seeks to relax your entire body, mind as well as soul. Our trained masseuses know the exact zones to stimulate so as to ensure you leave our parlor fully relaxed and satisfied.

-Nuru: Its one of the most erotic and sensual massages around and is done using a specials Nuru gel or soap to enhance the sensation. The gel is made from special ingredients such as seaweed, vitamins and minerals to boast the effect.

– Organism: The masseuse with use her hands to stimulate the right spots until you achieve orgasm. In addition to allowing you release your sexual energy, this massage also makes you quite relaxed.

-Sensual: By using both hands and body, a masseuse will stimulate your sense of touch so as to excite you as well as improve intimacy and sex life.

-Nude: During the massage, the recipient and service giver will both be partly or fully nude.

Don’t let your tired muscles, joints or tissues dampen your life. You shouldn’t continue to experience joint pains, feel depressed or be affected by slow recovery rate. Also, you shouldn’t allow the eroticism to buildup inside you because you are unable to enjoy organism. What you deserve is seeking our body massage service. May be you prefer female to male massage or you wish for nuru or Swedish massage. Or may be Swedish massage is your thing. Whichever your choice we’ve got you covered. Talk to us today and experience what the ultimate massage experience in Brigade Road, Bangalore is about.